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Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items

Garden Sofas


Come on, get over here, and plump up a cushion! We’re taking you on a whistle-stop waltz through our garden sofa collection; over decking, across pavers and through lawns of fervent green…

Our large, huggable sofas are the essence of comfort on your arms, back, and bum - planting solidly (the sofa that is) on your lawn or patio. Whether you’re forking a sausage at the BBQ, or swilling cocktail pitchers with the girls, there’s no denying that people need somewhere to sit for a backyard party. Our garden sofas join other items, like outdoor bean bags, that are made to brave the sun and sleet, which will draw you away from the TV and into the garden. Rattan, fabric and wooden builds are their secret to lasting for as long as they do – always a sign of an investment worth making!

Indeed, Cuckooland is ga-ga for outdoor kit that doesn’t pull any stylistic punches. Any of these sofas could line up against your main suite in the living room, or that conservatory furniture you love to flaunt in the sun. However, garden sofas are a beautiful retiring zone after your evening meal, especially when you’re a fan of outdoor dining. Collapse on the firm, hand-woven cushion line, and burble happily with the taste of BBQ sauce on your breath…

Garden Sofa FAQ's

We’re sure you don’t need much persuasion to give our sofas a gander, but if you’re unsure of anything, we’ve prepared some FAQs that are sure to sit well with you:

  1. What makes an outdoor sofa weather-resistant?

  2. It's all in the material used! Unlike your regular, run-of-the-mill sofa, the garden variety is made from weather-resistant materials such as rattan, teak and treated wood - placing it firming at home in the great outdoors. We also stock rattan effect sofas (an even more weather resistant synthetic material made to look like natural rattan). Outdoor sofas don’t warp easily in the heat and resist the discolouring effect of UV rays. The cushion fabric, too, can survive a light shower without any damage thanks to the shower resistant technology built into the fibers of these super comfy cushions.

  3. How easy is it to clean the cushions?

  4. As with all our products, we want to make life easy for you. With this in mind, our outdoor sofa cushions are super easy to clean and maintain. Some of our outdoor sofas feature cushions made from Sunbrella® fabric. All it takes is a light 40ºC wash to brighten them up. Sunbrella has a special, internal foam which allows water to flow through the cushion, all the while retaining their original shape. Made from cutting-edge weather resistant material, they are UV and fungus protected.

  5. Will my sofa come assembled?

  6. Not all of our sofas come fully assembled (but all will have very easy to follow instructions). If assembly really isn't your bag, fear not; we have a full installation service available to our customers. This includes setting up your garden furniture in that perfectly picked out location. And to make your day just that bit easier we will also remove all rubbish too, leaving you to get on with your day of fun and sun on the sofa! For more information on a Cuckooland furniture installation, call us on +44 (0) 1205 231231 or email us here.

  7. Can I configure my garden sofa build?

  8. Yes! Several pieces in the Cuckooland range can align and configure differently. Take for example our Tavira modular range. The Tavira range is so versatile it can be changed to suit the exact layout of your space. Within this range, you will find a corner seat, a 2 seater right arm and a 2 seater left arm, optional centre chair and footstool. This means that you can have a unique garden sofa, which fits perfectly into just about any outdoor space.

Require more assistance?

Browse our collection for the most stylish and practical aid to your garden décor, or call us on +44 (0) 1205 231231 or email us if you prefer the written word. Either way, the seeds of creativity are waiting to be sown….

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