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Some of us may dream of racing across a landscape, waking with memories of forests and snowscapes. With Cuckooland’s sleigh bed range, you might not be able to glide across the earth under the sheets, but it’ll certainly mobilise your interior style plans!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items

Sleigh Beds FAQ's


If you push aside those old notions of what a bed can be, we’d love show you a bed that's just a little bit special. Sleigh beds, once the property of high-brow land owners two centuries ago, have swerved back in vogue with modern homeowners.

If you read through our Ultimate Bed Guide, you’ll find a brief glimpse of the sleigh-build phenomenon. We’re betting, though, that you’re already intrigued by what they represent: namely, a fresh and funky frame curving low to the ground, a grand palette ready for all kinds of cool bedding features and expressions. But for now, let’s focus on a few lingering questions you may have over sleigh beds and their basic traits…

  1. What kind of material should I look for?

  2. Upholstered sleigh beds offer a soft, plush base for sweet dreams, with gorgeous fabrics from our collection. Our wooden beds are a sturdy, timeless choice, especially when crafted from quality materials like spruce, ash or mahogany. We will soon be offering even more choices, all with one thing in common – a focus on premium style and design. Make sure you take a peek on our website (products above the FAQ's) and if your ideal sleigh bed isn't listed then please call us on the contact details below and we'll do our utmost to source the perfect bed for you.

  3. Do the sleigh 'headboards' come in different sizes?

  4. Many of our sleigh beds are made to order, some manufacturers give you the option of a small or large sleigh headboard. Details will be apparent on each product description, with associated prices, so be sure to take a look around! Or call us on the contact details below.

  5. How do the storage mechanisms work?

  6. Our storage and ottoman sleigh beds function with hydraulic lifts – the same system that prevents your car boot from slamming shut too quickly. The pull mechanics are therefore very easy to use: just lift the bottom or side of the bed, where the slats are, and raise it up. It will then hold its position until its ready to be lowered again- but of course be safe and rather ask for help if it still feels too heavy or the weight of the contents above are pushing back at you. .

Require more assistance?

We sincerely hope that you go all out on your sleigh bed, and really get the bed you want! After all, its an important, grand purchase - one not repeated too often in a lifetime - so what’s the point in getting anything other than what you really want? 

Those rich designs are going to achieve stunning results when combined with beautiful decor – consider going green, maybe, or explore a hushed Scandi tone in the bedroom. The scope is limitless with a sleigh bed to remember; now, get flying towards your ace furniture investment today! Or call our Customer Service Dream-Team for some FREE expert advise on +44 (0) 1305 23123 Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm.

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