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Sleep is a precious journey: every night, we’re whisked away to a place where anything is possible, where our deepest hopes achieve some kind of form and substance. We dare say that Cuckooland’s metal beds do the same, satisfying our design goals in the waking world – you really won’t find a firmer base for your bedroom décor to launch from!

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Metal Beds FAQ's


Investing in a bed is one of the biggest decisions you can make. As good as a sleeper may look in a product catalogue, it takes years for a bed to really justify its value. Our metal beds, however, won’t let you down: they’re a solid solution to your practical and aesthetic demands, long after their feet first touch your floor.

Cuckooland’s Ultimate Bed Guide is your main port of call for any sleep related decisions. However, we’d rather cover every angle than leave you stumbling in the dark, which is why we’re tackling some FAQs for the metal variety:

  1. Do they come fully assembled?

  2. They don't, but don’t worry – we’ve made sure it’s refreshingly simple! Our metal beds arrive with a complete set of instructions, so that you can assemble your sleeper faster than you can say “bedtime.” If that's 'not in the brochure' we also offer a very professional and affordable installation service. Simply call our Award Winning Team below.

  3. What are the benefits of ‘sprung’ frames?

  4. You may notice that several of our beds have ‘sprung’ slatted frames. This is significant, as the slats are fashioned with a curved edge, acting like a recoil for the mattress. It has a springier feel and some people prefer this to a rigid bed base.

  5. How much weight can a metal bed hold?

  6. Yes, the frames are very durable, but they do have their limits. Our largest adult beds usually have a maximum load of 250kg – more than enough for a mattress and two sleepy heads!

Require more assistance?

These days the world really is your playground for the bed design you’ve always fantasised about! Cuckooland’s assortment of sleepers is sourced with just this in mind- for your imagination to chew on, digest, and lick into shape. Don’t limit metal beds to your master bedroom, though. They’re a strong choice for a makeover in your child’s room, especially for growing teens, take a peek at the link there's some great ideas and some fantastic promotions.

Still scratching your head on that bed purchase? Call our super friendly Dream-team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us if you want to bounce some ideas off us!

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