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When it comes to finding the best beds in the known Universe, we never trundle along the beaten path. We only pause (momentarily!) to gasp at the wonder of clever trundle beds that give you uber amounts of style and more bang for your buck. Just get a glimpse at these sleepers…

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Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items

Trundle Beds FAQ's


Here at Cuckooland we like the sort of products that offer surprises, and our trundle beds are no exception. In a jiffy, you can unveil a soft, yielding mattress - an extra bed for an extra head - doubling up your guest provisions! They’re a great choice for families that love playing host, and their adaptable designs can match existing décor or compliment a variety of different kids bedroom themes…

A look at our Ultimate Guide To Kid's Day Beds will have disclosed some of the swish, 'didn't know that'-tastic goodness you can glean from a trundle purchase. And yet, the simplest of questions may still be unanswered - chances are pretty good these are the main ones:

  1. Why are trundle beds so beneficial?

  2. Aside from their use as a bed or sofa, trundle beds make the most of your floor space. By hiding a second bed in a drawer, you only have to bring it out when needed – thereby saving you the trouble of pulling an additional sleeper into the room. And the savings of not having to buy an extra guest bed are a great benefit too. And no one likes having to blow up a temporary bed at the last minute (after a couple of glasses it feel like the worlds longest breathalyser test!). 

  3. Who are trundle beds suited for?

  4. The majority of our trundle designs are meant for children, especially those who have a friend coming to stay for the night. However its important we point out that the second base is built for temporary use, so its not advisable to place two kids on the bed permanently, as it’s not as supportive as a pair of separate singles. But for the odd sleepover it really is the perfect solution.

  5. What kind of mattress should I buy for the trundle base?

  6. Good question – ideally, you’ll want a thinner mattress (such as a memory foam model) than that on the top level. Keep in mind that ‘optional extras’ are available on each product description of our website, so adding the right mattress to your shopping cart is child's play.

Require more assistance?

Armed with this trundle bed info, you’ll soon be clicking through our product detail pages with confidence and relishing a decision well-made, widening your sleep options for those social spots on your calendar. For other space-friendly ideas, check out our storage tips for your son or daughter’s bedroom.

You can also call our Kids Bed Dream-team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us for any and all sleep-worthy advise.

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