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Captains Log Star-date 2025. What’s that appearing over the horizon? It looks like a Wild West Carriage or a floating Clam Shell, or a Hot Air Balloon, or something so out of the ordinary its unlike anything we’ve ever considered for our kids bedrooms before…

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Showing 1 - 12 of 74 items

Novelty Beds FAQs


Looking for a brilliant, unique bed? Maybe a Hot Air Balloon? How about a Clam Shell Bed or a Space Rocket? Maybe a Sports Car or a Sailboat or a Tree house or even a Teepee Bed?

Our Ultimate Guide To Kids’ Beds had some flashy, brief flavours of what a novelty sleeper can do for your child’s room. Yet we’re going a step further now, since you’re probably halfway to a purchase; all that’s holding you back may be a few questions, which we’re going to answer right here - Cuckooland style:

  1. Are they as supportive and safe as traditional beds?

  2. Certainly; otherwise, we wouldn’t consider them, because safety features and material quality are central to the Cuckooland ethos. Enclosed, cabin-style beds are very durable against knocks and bumps in the night, whilst others have side panels to stop your cherub from unintentionally rolling out.

  3. Do more complicated beds take longer to arrive?

  4. Yep, generally that’s the rule – you’ll have to wait a couple of extra weeks to get the larger, more outrageous novelty beds. All delivery timeframes are displayed on our product page descriptions. Or simply call our friendly Kids Bed Gurus below for some free (and super helpful) advise.

  5. Can I personalise the bed further?

  6. You’ve already taken a huge leap into your children’s hearts (and into your pockets) with a bed like this, so you might as well make it a tad more special! A handful of our transport-themed models can arrive with a personalised number plate on the front. Others have options to add on storage, desk, shelves, sills or trundle enhancements (to name just a few) - these are displayed on each product detail page.

Require more assistance?

Have a read through our Top 10 Kid's Bedroom Themes if you’re chewing over what to do about your child's décor, bed or bedroom theme. Or feel free (yes its 100% free!) to call our Kids Bedroom Advisory Team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us if you just need to bounce a few ideas around!

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