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Every kid needs somewhere to scribble away, and a place to dream up grand plans that they can put down on paper (or just a familiar place to do homework!). Cuckooland’s beds with desks furnishing your child’s room with a complete, multi-functional, multi-talented HQ.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 28 items

Beds with Desks FAQs


Parents the world over love super cool, ingenious furniture for their kids’ room. It’s a big part of why we love beds with desks - saving you the hassle of two separate punts for the pieces that really matter. And which parent doesn't adore the idea of their child at a desk ensconced in a book or project?  

There are several age ranges that these bed styles are perfect for  – read though our Guide To Kids’ Beds for some inspiration. Meanwhile, we’d like to address some questions you may have, since we know that beds and desks don’t necessarily make for an obvious choice…

  1. Are they suitable for all ages?

  2. Absolutely – we have beds that both kids and teens will love. Our cabin bed designs are best suited to growing munchkins, with little desks that will be just the right size for those doodles. For teens, look to our contemporary high sleepers for stylish, super practical, space-efficient installations.

  3. Do the desks move, or fold up?

  4. For bedrooms with limited floor space, some of our sleepers feature desks that wheel into a cubbyhole on the side of the frame or snap back to a special compartment when not in use. A couple do have fixed desks, however, so it’s best to check each product description. Or simply call our Dream-team below for some free advise.

  5. Will the bed need to be assembled?

  6. Yes, most of our beds with desks arrive flat-packed and require two people to assemble in the bedroom. We provide a full set of instructions for self-assembly, although for an additional fee you can opt for our team to do the hard work for you!

Require more assistance?

By now, you’re ready for that big bedroom makeover (see Blog piece here), surprising your darlings with an uber-slick base for work and play. With so much packed into a single investment, you can’t go wrong with these bed-and-desk marvels, no matter the size of your interior!

Call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us if you’re needing to chat with a Bed expert. We’ve studied everything in our vast repertoire, and can suggest a sleeper your brood will adore.

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