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'Tidy' and 'Kids Room' are, more often than not, a mutually exclusive phenomenon. Achieving this Utopia can be a mammoth task... unless of course you've visited some of our amazing storage bed product pages! Designed to look stylish and solve this conundrum so you never lose sleep over mess and clutter again!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 67 items

Storage Beds FAQs


Stray bits and pieces are no friend to a great looking kids’ bedroom. But where do all the toys, bears and snazzy devices go? Is there a kids bed with loads of cubby holes??

Cuckooland’s storage beds are the exact fit for your tidy-first interior. As well as decluttering your child’s bedroom, they’re a fabulous source of comfort, fostering a sound night’s sleep in every aspect of their stylish and practical design. Before you land on a model for keeps, let’s face up to some FAQs, just for an extra bit of thumbs up::

  1. What age range are they suited for?

  2. We’re glad you asked, since these beds cater to a pretty vast age range. Some items definitely hit the toddler mark, enjoying low elevation and primary-coloured drawers and frames. Others are made for teenagers, with a more mature, style-conscious appearance. Take a peek at each product page above for features and benefits or simply call our Kids Bed Dream-team below.

  3. Is there an installation option?

  4. For beds that need to be assembled on delivery, we offer a fantastic (friendly and very professional) two-man installation. So if you don’t feel confident about constructing it yourself, add on our installation option for peace of mind.

  5. Can I customise my storage bed?

  6. In many cases, we allow you to change storage features within the frame – for example, by swapping an under-drawer for a trundle bed. Also, you can add more characteristics like desks, cabinets, chests and safety railings… just take a peek at the product descriptions. Or seek some helpful free advise by calling our team below.

Require more assistance?

A bed should never limit itself to pillow time or a duvet-draped movie night. Practical miracles are fused throughout our storage bed collection, which you can browse, product by unique product, until the right sleeper stands out from the pack.

Has this inspired you to push the envelope of design and innovation and of what is truly possible when it comes to Kids Beds and Bedroom Furniture? Then take a quick peek at some of the most outrageous kids’ rooms in the known universe…

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