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Rise and shine lovely La La Landers, we've got a cavalcade of treats in store for you and your favourite sleepy-head! Yep, mattresses are being uploaded thick and fast and with a spring in our step...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items

Mattress FAQ's


For many of us, the reward of a perfect night’s kip is it keeps us going through the day. Cuckooland is wide awake to this irrefutable fact- so when it comes to finding the very best beds for your perusal, our team is out the gates and sprinting (around the Trade Shows of Europe and the UK). But that’s not the end of our goal or your sleep purchase – everyone needs a comfy mattress to round off their favourite place on earth!

We’re super enthused about what a mattress can do for your sense of peace and tranquillity; that’s why we celebrate days like National Bed Month, as well as updating the Cuckooland product list with our newest finds. Before you buy, however, you might have some questions about the mattress of your dreams. Let’s break down the top 3 for you…

  1. What’s the difference between pocket-sprung and memory foam?

  2. The two most popular kinds of mattress have distinct practical benefits and differences. Memory foam variants retain heat and adapt to your body’s posture while you sleep. They also isolate movement so partners can sleep soundly next to wiggle monsters. Pocket-sprung mattresses don’t change shape as easily: they’re better for a natural sleeping position, and they're the perfect choice if you don’t like to curl up and sink into what feels like super soft putty. Both will provide you with a sound nights sleep, the choice is ultimately a personal one.

  3. How do I take care of my mattress?

  4. Simple – buy a mattress protector, which’ll absorb sweat and spills that could occur. We also recommend ‘turning’ a traditional mattress i.e. flipping it every couple of months, so each side is worn equally. However, bear in mind that some models have a ‘no-turn’ advisory attribute.

  5. What do the dimensions mean?

  6. Cuckooland provides four widths across our range: 90cm (single), 135cm (double), 150cm (king) and 180cm (super king). Many of the products in our collection come in multiple sizes, so be sure to click the icon for more details! Also remember that 'European' mattresses are a slightly different size - but these will be specified and recommended on the product page of a European made bed. Psst... and if you accidently buy the wrong mattress from us, we'll get it swapped out for you - you only need pay a small collection fee (provided of course that the mattress hasn't been opened or used).  

Require more assistance?

As long as the mattress fits your bed like a hand in a glove, and is cared for properly, you’ll get many years of snuggling out of it! Don’t let those standards slip for kids’ beds either, if the rest of your family is in need of a mattress changeover – explore our guide to the ultimate children’s mattress to see what they might be…

Remember, you can call our super cool support team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email with any more questions you might have about your sleep solutions.

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