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A Unique Collection of High Quality Garden & Outdoor Benches! From Classic to Contemporary, from Park Bench style to Memorial Benches.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items

Garden Benches


Remember those days in the park as a kid, when the world melted to the ‘here and now’ in a wash of sunshine? That’s exactly what our garden benches aim to recreate - they’re fun, gorgeous and perfectly suited to your garden or yard space.

The wonderment of childhood is hard to shake, even when we’re fully-grown mums and dads! Cuckooland’s garden benches arrive at your door with one thing on their minds: complete and utter wonder. As soon as they land on your turf, everyone’ll be clamouring for a seat – kids, grandparents, the family dog. That’s because they create a vantage point to perch on; a place of reflection or engagement (and they make a really nice change from regular garden furniture sets) from which you can create cool, whimsical arrangements outdoors. And they're simply great for parties, chill-outs or reading sessions in the haze of the evening.

Some of our garden benches have an arbour above or around them, for shade and security; whilst others offer a new spin on an old classic, like our premium, wheel-shaped arbour hybrid that must be seen to be believed. It’ll make for a stunning talking point, backed (of course) by your lovely greenery and flower displays.

Garden Bench FAQ's

The Top 4 FAQs we keep hearing:

  1. Do your garden benches arrive assembled?

  2. Some arrive assembled, others you’ll have to put together yourself. With a little assistance from a family member or friend, it shouldn’t take very long – each flat-packed bench is designed for easy setup, with full instructions included. Cuckooland do offer an installation service on some garden products, which include assembly and removal of any packaging. For further information, please see individual product detail pages or call our Award Winning Team below.

  3. How should I care for my garden benches?

  4. Benches made from resin do not require maintenance: they’re tough enough on their own, just the occasional wipe down to remove any dropping or dirt will do. Benches built from ‘softwood’ – that is, pine, fir and spruce – should be treated once a year with a chemical solution like Textrol. Some of our arbour models arrive with a coating of Ronseal as standard, preserving the tone of the paint for up to three years.

  5. Do I need to anchor my garden bench?

  6. It’s not necessary, but you might want to protect the bench from thieves and very high winds. If so, some of our benches do come with an anchor kit (check the product details under 'Features and Benefits') or you can purchase one from most hardware/DIY retailers. Anchor kits can take the form of straps, stakes and metal brackets, bolts and screws.

  7. Does my garden bench come with seat padding?

  8. That depends entirely on the item you’re looking at. In several cases, the seat is padded for added comfort - this will be specified on each product page. But where seats aren’t padded, you can let your creative flare run wild by adding cushions. Cuckooland have a stunning range of cushions, which would look fabulous when paired with a garden bench.

Require more assistance?

Deciding between Benches or Garden Sofas or searching for both? We have a carefully selected and ever expanding catalogue so please keep popping back. Oh, and don’t forget to get in touch with our Award Winning Team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or by email for more tricks and nudges in a green direction! 

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