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Ahhh, the pleasure of interior design... we feel it as strongly as you do, the walls calling out for love and attention as you make those bricks and mortar your own. It’s hard to deny that there’s a special buzz to splashing our personalities across every inch and crevice of living space, especially when it’s with homeware as quirky as you’ll find here at Cuckooland. Interior design has come a long way in the last thirty years – it’s now commonplace to mix and match the eras at our disposal, cycling through archaic and ultra-hip trends for that sweet spot between what’s expected and what isn’t of our modern homes.

You may, though, have something definite in mind for your property. Contemporary furniture is the starting point nowadays, bringing a clean and concise base to your décor. There’s an absence of fuss in the Spartan designs awaiting you, from tightly regimented bookcases to sleek white Scandinavian tables and chairs. Cuckooland has scoured the globe to bring you a stripped-back collection of must-have homeware essentials, combining robust design with attention-grabbing aesthetics.

On the other end of the scale, but no means a stranger to them, are retro-oriented pieces. Whether you want a coffee table with the weight of a hundred years behind it, or an unusual and practical display piece (like retro telephones, or record players, for instance), there’s fun to be had in recalibrating the past in the glare of the 21st century. Running through this theme are industrial chic designs, a trend that has been creeping into bars and restaurants for a while now. You can take it a step further, by kitting your home out with copper lamps and metal-framed stools and trolleys that will industrial-revolutionise your decor.

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