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Explore our Unique Collection of Childrens High-Sleeper Beds, bursting with luxury original loft style kids beds with work and storage solution ideas for children and their bedrooms.


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Showing 1 - 12 of 34 items

High Sleeper Beds


Kid’s like to have their heads firmly stuck in the clouds. Whether its daydreaming or thinking about that all important school football or hockey tournament, kids are natural born thought-wonderers. So give them the clouds in which to dream with a High Sleeper Bed. Kid’s High Sleepers are perfect for those who need a little extra storage, an extra place for friends to stay over, or for those kids who simply love to be up high.

Being somewhat of an expert in unique kids beds we have an incredible range of Kids High Sleeper beds which come in every shape and size imaginable. We have High Sleepers perfect for princesses looking for that four poster bed, or that budding astronaut who needs a new rocket. Here at Cuckooland we like to take the practical necessities of life and put a quirky spin on them. That’s why our entire collection of kids beds is designed to appeal to the creative side of your child and bring that wonderful imagination from within.

Of course, we wouldn’t be the number one place for kids beds if we didn't know a thing or two about awesome kids designers. Our collection includes offerings from the widely popular designers at Mathy By Bols.

Finding the perfect bed for your little one should be a pleasure not a pain. So browse our collection of unique children's high sleeper beds and come face to face with the most awesome collection of kids bedroom accessories you’re liking to find in any one place.

High Sleeper Bed FAQ's

Big dreamers like reaching for the sky. That’s one of the reasons why we’re in love with high sleeper beds, and here at Cuckooland we have a truly stunning array of towering monolithic sleep structures that’ll put a sense of urgency and 'wow' into bedtime. If you haven’t already, read through our guide to high sleepers for tall beds and giant sleepers that'll set your sights high and your imagination sizzling.

Some queries may still be lingering, however, so we’ve picked a few that might need answering before you splash out on a high sleeper bed for your child:

  1. Are they worth it?

  2. Quite apart from the amazing visual impact and wow factor a high sleeper purchase can evoke, they’re great at freeing up more of your darling’s room for playtime. It might be slightly more difficult to change the bedsheets, but the added benefits for storage and possibilities for slumber time excitement and satisfaction are worth the effort.

  3. Will I have the space?

  4. Setting up a high sleeper can be a challenge if there’s only a foot or so of wall space between them and the door. But never fear - for kids’ rooms that are limited in this way, Cuckooland has a bounty of items that might help, such as a few elegant choices from Oliver Furniture that aren’t overly bulky. Alternatively, consider a mid-sleeper bed.

  5. How safe are they?

  6. In short: very. Rest easy in the knowledge that every product we stock comes complete with a guard rail or side panels that rise above your snoozing child. There’s no chance of anyone rolling off in the middle of the night in one of our trusty designs.

Require more assistance?

Installing a high sleeper can transform a kids’ bedroom, reigning over the floor, your prince or princess will wake up feeling confident and invincible! It’s unlikely that your ragamuffin will have cause to complain when such a thrill awaits them every night, but in case they do, browse through our solutions to tantrums before bed. No ones' ever blamed us for not covering all our bases! 

It's the little things that contribute to a smooth slumber, and here at Cuckooland, we are all about unique solutions and attention to detail. Why not give our kids bed gurus, Nat, Anna, Kate or Sophie a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 and we'll show you why we're the number one online choice for luxury unique kids beds in the UK. 

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