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Explore our Unique Collection of Childrens Day Beds bursting with original innovative space saving concepts in kids day beds.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items

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Kid’s just love to lounge. Be it on the couch, across a couple of chairs or just about any flat surface they can find - kitchen counter top, anyone? So it’s understandable that kid’s day beds have become somewhat of a popular choice for any self-respecting king or queen of the recline. Cuckooland knows what kids and parents like best, and although practicality plays a big part in family needs it’s always nice to offer something extra special and unique. Browse our collection of super cool children’s day beds and you’ll see awesome offerings from kids bed designers like Julian Bowen, Oliver Furniture and Asoral. For those ultra chic girly girls, we have a beautiful french inspired metal framed day bed. This charming lounger comes complete with a pull out single trundle bed for those all important sleepovers. The ornate frame would look adorable with some fairy lights placed round the posts. The Metal Frame Day Bed truly is a dream bed for any fashionable princess.

For kids who love to incorporate their favourite colour into just about every aspect of their lives, we have the Liso Trundle Day Bed by Asoral. This one-of-a-kind space saving bed comes complete with a pull-out trundle drawer for sleepovers and playdates. The handmade Trundle Bed comes in a brilliant range of twenty different colours and is handmade in Spain, so you can be sure it’s built to last.

Whether you’re on the lookout for a bedroom addition, sleepover solution or just a place for the kids to lounge without taking over the lounge, you’re sure to find it with one of our incredible kid’s day beds. Cuckooland is the home of quirky kids beds and we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and know-how when it comes to creating the perfect kids bedroom. Browse our collection of kids beds and kids bedroom accessories and create a unique space for your little ones.

Day Bed FAQ's

If you’re on board the day bed express (its a craze that's sweeping the nation), we can’t blame you: they’re an excellent way to prepare for any sleeping situation, whether that’s an unannounced guest or a crash of kids wanting to snuggle up for a night time movie. Our Cuckooland guide to kids beds has plenty of ideas for integrating this unique furniture piece into your home, but in case you're still left with a few questions, here are some popular head-scratchers our customers have raised, so take heed if you’ve ever wondered about the following:

  1. Will a day bed get in the way?

  2. The whole point of day beds is to provide maximum adaptability in the minimum amount of space, which is why lots of our favourite designs incorporate storage units inside them or below them, actively helping you declutter your room. A good day bed helps you save as much space as possible.

  3. Do they make comfy sofas?

  4. Rest assured – manufacturers know they must deliver on the promise of an item with double or triple functions. Although they’ll look and feel great with associated blankets and pillows on top of them, many designs feature armrests, railings, frames with appropriate back support and height dimensions to allow anyone to properly relax outside of bedtime.

  5. Is it suitable for regular use?

  6. Designers like Woood and Julian Bowen build their models with this in mind (regular use). Even if you’re quite often converting the day bed to a double sleeper, our collection of daybeds is made of the highest quality, ensuring years of pleasure that can’t be matched by lesser products.

Require more assistance?

What’s most fascinating about the day bed philosophy is how much it encourages customisation. When an item can transform at a moment’s notice, it leaves plenty of room (literally and figuratively) for applying that attitude to the rest of your child’s furnishings.

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