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Fire Pits & Outdoor Heating


Our unique collection of fire pits are designed to transform your outdoor area into the social - eating, drinking, laughing - hub of the home long after the sun goes down. Turn up the heat on your backyard parties, cook-offs and family get-togethers with some truly original outdoor heating products and watch as the party roars to life in a heartbeat…

Grand garden designs need a handpicked selection of outdoor products and embellishments to bear the weight of your style choices and perform the function you’re most looking for - so for a truly epic outdoor statement you cannot get much more illustrious (or illuminous) than a fire pit. They give you somewhere to hunker when that BBQ is crackling and can fit in the centre of an outdoor sofa plan, directing your décor like planets around the sun.

Join the raft of tastemakers who are leaping to the fire pit and outdoor heater trend – let that warm sensation you feel be more than just excitement!

Fire Pits & Outdoor Heating FAQ's

Read our FAQs below and make sure all your basis are covered:

  1. How do I set a traditional fire pit alight?

  2. Create a base of newspaper, topped with a lattice of kindling and perhaps a few firelighters for good measure. You can then balance a few small logs over the top, before setting the newspaper alight. As the fire catches, you can begin to stack larger logs around the fire, making sure you don’t block the flow of oxygen. If the fire blooms larger than you’d like, wait for it to use the fuel you’ve already provided before topping it up with more as the day wears on.

  3. What are the advantages of a gas fire pit?

  4. Practically speaking they're easier to use, as you don’t have to clean the fire pit after use. It’s easier to control too, thanks to an inbuilt flame gauge. You won’t have to top up fuel every hour or so, and there isn’t any smoke or stray embers to worry about.

  5. Can I cook on the fire pit?

  6. Yes, many firepits are designed for cooking on. Cuckooland does have a varied range of cooking implements which can be used with a firepit. Most of our gas variants arrive with a grill cover and accompanying stand. The traditional sort can be turned into a mega-size BBQ, but if you do, we strongly recommend using charcoal as the fuel source, as a wood-based fire will be tough to control.

  7. How should I clean and maintain my fire pit?

  8. Wait for the ash/embers to cool – ideally overnight. Once they’ve cooled, scoop them out with a bucket and spade, brushing away excess soot, then gently hose the pit. Afterwards, scrub the sides with a soap and water mix, then turn it upside down to dry. Please bear in mind that gas-powered pits only require a brief, damp wipe around the rim and the burner, but you should cover them up when they’re out-of-action, protecting the gas points from rain and debris.

Require more assistance?

While you’ve got one bright style icon to mull over, it only makes sense to consider our outdoor furniture for accompaniment. A lick of warmth and a comfy seat (and a glass or tow of wine) always results in a memorable evening! if you need any advise or if you just require a sounding board to bounce ideas off, call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email our bright sparks at Cuckooland to learn more about our fire pits and garden heaters….

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