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If you've ever made a den or fort as a kid you will know how much pride and hard work goes into creating what can only be described as a dubious structure ready to collapse at any minute.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 28 items

Wooden Playhouses


Kiddies love to play ‘grown-up’ as soon as they can! Of course, there's always a place for toys and board games, but we prefer to encourage outdoor play and provide your brood with a semblance of their own home - our wooden playhouses tick all these boxes, bringing fun frolics to the garden all year round…

Seeing is believing, and thanks to some of the best playhouse designers in the UK and abroad, your son or daughter has a castle to lord over for many make believe years to come. It’s like our summer houses have been hit with a shrink ray – you’ll find treehouse, barn and slide-tastic styles in the Cuckooland archive, built for the best stage of our kids formative lives (umm, and ours too!).

Wooden Playhouse FAQ's

But every home, however miniature, needs solid foundations - that’s why we’re answering a few commonly asked questions below (and before your mind is set):

  1. Do I need a special base for my wooden playhouse?

  2. You definitely require a flat, stable surface for the playhouse to rest on, especially to avoid rot from wet grass underneath. So buy enough paving slabs to cover the base dimensions of the item and/or standing stilts, plus an extra couple of inches on either end – so for instance, a 6ft x 5ft flat structure would be apt for a 6ft 4” x 5ft 3” grounding. Dig the slab area to a depth of 2-3 inches and make the slabs level to, or slightly above, the surrounding turf. Decking or tarmac is also fine if you have it.

  3. Must I set the playhouse up myself?

  4. Our standard delivery procedures will ship the flat-packed playhouse to your door for you to build the item with help from a friend or two. However, for those who may find this tricky, we have an installation service, ranging between £120 to around £300 depending on the model you’re looking at. Call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us for more info on our fast and friendly installation service.

  5. What safety measures does my wooden playhouse have?

  6. There are several playhouse child safety regulations (therefore design and manufacturing features) that must be met, all of which we’re proud to say our playhouses do meet. Any windows, for instance, are made from styrene, a material that acts like strengthened glass without the risk of injury if it’s broken. Wooden ‘planing’ prevents splinters from forming on beams and walls. Plus, the playhouses as a whole have been approved by the EU’s EN17 child-friendly safety checks.

  7. Do I require planning permission for a playhouse?

  8. Just like our garden sheds and greenhouses, there’s no legal requirement for a planning application, as long as you ensure the playhouse doesn’t cover 50% of the land you own around the main home. Strict exceptions could be made for Grade 1/2-listed buildings; so we recommend you have a quick chat with your local council if you're worried about this.

  9. Can I paint the wooden playhouse how I like?

  10. Of course, we always encourage the personal touch! And we’ve thought ahead here and provided a base coating for your own paint finish to adhere to. The wood has already been sealed, meaning that it’ll take less daubs of paint to give a rich, even colour tone. You can, of course, leave the materials in their natural shade if you prefer.

Require more assistance?

Are your little ones ready for a super cool place to play whilst you entertain guests in the garden? (or should we say, are you ready for some peace and quiet, safe in the knowledge that your children are having a wail of a time in a secret, second home away from home a few metres away?). For more info on our childrens playhouses simply call our Cuckooland Customer Service Team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us for more cool kid-centric tips and suggestions!

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