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Being great at something you're passionate about is the most rewarding kind of great! That’s how we feel about our spectacular range of children’s bedroom accessories. We don’t just want to be good at creating kids bedrooms, we want to be super amazing at it. That’s why all of the children’s beds and bedroom accessories here at Cuckooland have a unique quality that cannot be replicated. So when it comes to our quirky range of children's bedroom rugs, we are way ahead of the game when it comes to cool colours and fun designs.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 67 items

Kids Rugs FAQ's


Little toes will be in heaven with our fabulous collection of Unique Kids’ Rugs, which add heaps of silky smooth style to their floor space, cushioning them in warm and inviting textures, patterns and colours. We’ve already written about the outrageous fun a rug can bring to a kids’ bedroom – there’s just something missing when a rug’s not there to hold everything together!

Still, you may be strutting back and forth wondering which type of rug to buy and how to care for your purchase. Have no fear, we're about to tackle these queries and answer some of your most common FAQ's:

  1. Can they be used outdoors?

  2. This all depends on the materials you’re looking at. Our machine-washable items, including floor quilts, are much better suited to coping with grass and mud stains than a felt ball rug, for example. In essence, cotton-based materials are fine, but keep others in the house. However if you're looking for bona fide Outdoor Rugs- we have a great selection right here

  3. Are they suitable for nurseries?

  4. Babies will love some of Cuckooland’s pastel-shaded pieces, which are fairly gender neutral and embossed with simple designs. Just make sure, if you have tiles or timber floors, that you get floor grips to keep the rug in place; you don't to feel unsteady under foot when holding your child. 

  5. How do I clean them?

  6. Any product that carries the ‘machine-washable’ label can be thrown in with your standard washing pile. For other rugs, a hoover every week will do, or running a damp cloth between crinkles in the fabric to uncover any muck that’s hiding there.

Require more assistance?

A good rug provides the backbone of some really great themed bedroom ideas (take a peek). Rugs are all about putting the final stamp on an interior, and we know your babas and teens will cherish the quality that our hand picked collection provide.

If you need some assistance with coming up with décor ideas, you can call Anna, Nat, Kate or Sophie on +44 (0) 1305 231231, who have oodles of experience getting children on firm footing (overlaid with our super cool Kids Rugs).

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