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Aaahhhh Slumberland, that one place where all dreams come to life, where imagination rules and you can be anything you want to be. But getting to slumberland is easier for some than others. Remember the story of the Princess and the Pea? Well what that little princess needed was some Cuckooland Bedding!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 26 items

Kids Bedding FAQ's


Behold: Kingdom Bedsets, Kinights Duvet's & Princess Pillow Cases- the royal icing on the cake of your youngster’s den! Take a look at Snurk and this will all start to make sense! Kids bedding is far more than a way to wrap up warm on a night; it’s an expression of their personality, and the launch pad for sweet dreams. The possibilities really are endless with colourful duvets from Cuckooland, and we can’t wait for you to dive into our collection.

You may have picked up some tips on how to give the kids’ bedroom a makeover they’ll love already, but if you’re deliberating over the best bedding to choose for children and teens growing up at the speed of light, here are some common questions answered:

  1. Is your bedding suitable for sensitive skin?

  2. Of course! We want only the best for your little ones. Made from 100% cotton, you’ll feel like the model parent as you tuck your angels into super soft and breathable bedding from this top notch collection.

  3. Do you have warm bedding for winter?

  4. Combined with a higher tog duvet (we recommend 10 tog+ for the depths of winter), our cotton bedding should keep your youngster snug. However, we also have some vibrant quilts if you want to add that extra layer of comfort to their sleeper!

  5. When should my baby upgrade from a blanket?

  6. We recommend switching from blankets to duvets after their first birthday; we have some fantastic cot bedding for the transition and before your tot makes the next move into a big boy or girl’s bed. For those first 12 months, take a look at our nursery bedding.

Require more assistance?

Sleep is a precious resource for growing bones, so say goodnight knowing that your little one is snug as a bug in quality bedding that will last through these early formative years!

Our colourful and themed bed sets are a sure-fire way to achieve an outrageously fun kids’ bedroom. However, if you still have unanswered questions (no matter how big or small) give our sleep experts a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 to put your doubts to bed.

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