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When it comes to creating the perfect bedroom for babies, toddlers, children and teens we believe that walls are made for decorating and the sky is just the beginning. That’s why our entire range of wallpaper and matching soft furnishings have all the elements of fun and imagination you would expect from a place as unique and quirky as Cuckooland. From the traditional to the modern and beyond, we have just about every variation of wallpaper to match your kids bed and impress those hard to please little bedroom critics.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 81 items

Wall Sticker, Wallpaper & Wall Fabrics FAQ's


Splash inspiration across every inch of your kids’ bedroom, with wallpaper, stickers and fabrics that are guaranteed to make your youngster’s crib look fetching. Decorating the kids’ bedroom can be a tricky balance to strike: how do you give it a makeover that won’t fall out of favour?

We’re riding in to rescue you from decorating quandaries, by answering some of the most popular questions that crop up from time to time. Feast your eyes on our guide to igniting the kids’ imagination through décor, before taking a look at the FAQs below for more great tips and advice:

  1. How do I hang wallpaper properly?

  2. Nowadays, many DIY stores sell paper hanging sets that make getting started simple. Before you do anything, make sure you’ve removed dirt, wallpaper or flaking paint from the walls, along with any fixings. Then, starting at a wall that has no windows or doors, use a spirit level and Stanley knife to cut the first piece of paper, before applying with wallpaper paste.

  3. Will your wall stickers leave marks?

  4. Absolutely not! We’ve picked these wall stickers out precisely because they leave no traces when it’s time to upgrade, making them perfect for rented properties or budding interior designers always searching for the next big thing!

  5. Will your floor stickers endure wear and tear?

  6. Our floor stickers are made with boisterous kids in mind, which is why our matt vinyl stickers have a lifespan of 5-7 years. So they won’t outgrow your children until your children outgrow them.

Require more assistance?

Let your creativity run wild as you mix and match wallpaper, stickers, and fabrics from our collection, safe in the knowledge that every item is easy to integrate into most décor, and almost all will have an element of staying power in this dynamic hub of the house.

Thinking of cool ways to bring a particular theme to life? You’ll find out of this world kids bedroom ideas on our Blog to inspire their bedroom makeover, so dive into our guides for plenty more insights into the how, why and what of unique and cool.

 Or... simply call our Wall Decorating Wonderwomen Anna, Nat, Kate or Sophie on +44 (0) 1305 231231 and they'll sort you out in the crack of a whip!

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