Childrens Bedroom Accessories


From princess bedding to out-of-this-world wall paper, you can bet your sparkly fairy wand that we have it here at Cuckooland. As super serious captains of imaginative kids beds and bedroom accessories we make it our mission to bring our quirky customers only the best in kids bedding, wall paper, wall stickers, rugs and much more. There’s no other place like it; Cuckooland is officially the coolest, most awesome place for unique bedroom accessories for kids. Don’t believe us? Then take a look….

Kids Bedding & Bedroom Accessories


Your little boy or girl’s room is going to provide you with years of happy memories. As the years go by, it’ll serve as a shrine to the latest Disney Channel teen dreamboat; a part-time dumping ground for homework and textbooks, and eventually a meeting place for the latest classroom gossip before mom girlfriend proofs or dad boyfriend-proofs the windows and doors... SAS style.

But until the One Direction (or future equivalent) posters start going up, why not help your little one's get acquainted with their long-term stomping (and sulking) ground with our imaginative boys & girls’ bedroom decor? Our range takes a fun-yet-sophisticated approach to the traditional blues, pinks, purples, horses and fairies to really help your little girl and boy hone their imagination... without it looking like something that a Transformer or Barbie might see in a fever dream.

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