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Kids say and do the cutest things. Their personalities are usually so close to the surface that it’s far too easy to appeal to their likes and loves. This definition of self that kids seem to possess in bucket loads can help parents when it comes to creating favourite meals, watching favourite films and of course creating the best kids bedroom ever. Here at Cuckooland we have taken that unique quality of self expression that every child possess’s and created the most spectacular collection of beanbags for children.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 49 items

Kids Beanbag FAQ's


Casual is cool, and nothing can be more casual than a scattershot collection of beanbags for your kids to enjoy. We have so many bright, colourful and fantastically fun shaped designs to choose from. After detailing some great uses for bean bags (from our very own Cuckooland Blog), we thought we’d help you decide by diving into some FAQs that have come our way.

  1. What age do they suit?

  2. We’ve anticipated this one, which is why our selection ranges from quirky, circus-style seating for little dreamers to more subtle (yet deliciously furry) beanbags for discerning teens. There’s something for any child or teenager to enjoy. Grownups find a seat too please! (why not?!). 

  3. Are they easy to clean?

  4. Most of our beanbag products have machine washable covers; larger items, like chairs and loungers that mould to your body, can be wiped down with a cloth. Many are water-resistant as standard, for indoor or outdoor use.

  5. How much force can they take?

  6. Since materials such as high-density foam and heavy-thread cotton make up a sizeable chunk of our beanbag products, they can take a ton of springing from little bodies. Even our sheepskin variants are hefty enough – 8kg! – to survive an accidental (or intentional) pounding. They should last a lifetime. 

Require more assistance?

Now that you’ve had a taste of how and why beanbags are quickly becoming a safe, versatile and magical alternative to traditional seating arrangements, we hope you can confidently pick a knock-out item that’ll get your brood bouncing with glee. To help you pick and mix, we’ve identified brilliant beanbags for cool kids, which are as delicious to lounge on as they are to look at.

Still hesitant about decking out your kids’ interior with a few plush bags? Got a sinking feeling without a beanbag in sight? Call Sophie, Anna or Kate on +44 (0) 1305 231 231; our expert team is on hand to answer any of your queries.

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