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Explore our Unique Collection of Animal Themed Coat Racks.

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Handmade in the UK. Built for style & durability! For coats, dog leads and used in the kitchen for kitchen towels!
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Showing 1 - 12 of 63 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 63 items

Coat Racks


The house proud homeowner won’t think twice about making even the smallest parts of their interior a gawpers paradise! For the most stylish way of hanging up your jacket, shawl or hoodie after a long day, delve into Cuckooland’s coat racks, which come in countless quirky designs.

Emblems of the UK countryside always go down a treat, especially for a rustic interior. Traditional tastes are well-served by our quality coat rack collection. Featuring birds, beasts and snapshots of English life, they’re just like our best-selling weathervanes, only brought down to eye level for the pleasure of your favourite garb.

Coat Rack FAQ's

Find a nice complement to your boot racks, and sort your clothing storage out top-to-tail while you're at it! But before you make a purchase, glance over these FAQs if you’re wrestling with a thought or two:

  1. How do I attach my coat rack to the wall?

  2. Each coat rack comes with three small holes in the frame. Simply place the rack against the wall, and mark where the holes hit the surface with a pencil, ensuring that it’s straight. Then drill into each marking, cover the hollows with wall plugs, and screw the item into place.

  3. Can I use my coat rack outdoors, as well as inside?

  4. Yes, you can. They’re manufactured to resist harsh weather conditions. A lot of this is down to the powder-coated metal, which is covered in tiny particles of resin and colour pigment. Added durability, anti-corrosion, and long-lasting visual effects are just some of the benefits our coat racks carry, leaving the rack suitable for outdoor use.

  5. Do the coat racks come in different sizes?

  6. At the moment, every single one of our coat racks provides six hooks for your clothing. Their size is uniform, too, measuring at (approx.) 60cm x 18cm. For a larger provision, we suggest buying several of the same design – or even complementary visual pieces – and laying them side-by-side on your wall. Plus, delivery is free for orders over £50, saving you money when buying more than one model.

  7. I’ve seen that these coat racks are made to order… Can I request my own, personal silhouette?

  8. We source all our coat racks from an artisan supplier based in the UK. Look further into our store, and you’ll find over 60 intricate coatrack varieties – plenty to choose from. But if you're looking for something unique, we can absolutely accommodate a special bespoke coat rack just for you - simply call our direct helpline and share your drawings or scribbles with us.

  9. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

  10. These coat racks, being so unique, take a little time to prepare. They usually take 10 working days to arrive; however, this can extend to a maximum of 21 days during busy periods. If this is the case, we’ll always give you a heads up!

Require more assistance?

Can we hang our advisory hats up for now and get cracking on with your next, loveable wardrobe accessory, ideal for a spot in the hall or conservatory, or even hanging out on the wilds of your garden wall? Remember to chat with us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us if you need more information or even if you have a quirky idea for your own coat rack design. 

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