Outdoor Wendy Houses, Wigwams & Playtents

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A Unique Range of high-quality Outdoor Wendy Houses, Wigwams & Playtents for Children.

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Great Promotions Available & Award Winning Customer Service! Dive in and explore our super cool collection!

Trek through the intrepid forest, wade through the fast flowing river and escape into one of our wonderful hideouts. Cuckooland tents and wigwams can be used as a decorative element to your garden on sunny days, or a fun prop or proper den for the living room or bedroom on those days when the weather is, well, slightly more British.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 33 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 33 items

Wendy Houses, Wigwams & Play Tents


The tumble and scrape of childhood play is essential in our view. A play time that's free of devices where fun is forged through creativity in the fresh air! So it's with hearts a-singing and hands and feet a-clapping that we give thanks to all our amazing suppliers who’ve helped us form our collection of Wendy houses, wigwams and outdoor tents, the ideal spaces for imagination to roam wild and free…

What are your kids into? Cowboys, princesses, aliens, the thrust of a knightly sword? Cuckooland has a garden structure to cater for their favourite theme, giving them an HQ for tea parties, battles, hide-and-seek, or shelter from the summer sun. Like our wooden playhouses we’ve brought on board the most awesome items we could find – unique, original, functional and practical and there’s no danger of a cut or boo boo from shoddy design here!


Wendy Houses, Wigwams & Play Tent FAQ's

Want to know a few facts before a wee tent or play home is built or assembled? Below are our garden gnomes top 4: 

  1. What do I cover the outdoor ground beneath it with?

  2. Don’t worry, we stock special floor quilts that are made to fit the length and width of our play structures. They’re plush enough to cushion a child, and resist moisture from wet grass or decking. Tents/wigwams are a different matter – some arrive with floor covers, and some without. For the latter, use a water proof sheet and spread two or three blankets to form a single layer if outdoor conditions are a little damp.

  3. Can I use your tents and Wendy houses indoors too?

  4. Every Cuckooland product you see in this collection is adaptable for indoor and outdoor use. Many come with storage bags, so you can effortlessly move them from one area to another. Don’t leave them on the lawn for long spells, however, as they’ll become brittle with cold and end up being covered in garden debris or ruined by water/mould. 

  5. Do I need special tools for a tent setup?

  6. It depends what you’re buying: a tent or a wigwam. Fundamentally, wigwams arrive with six wooden poles that align in the fabric, aided by string and plastic connectors. It shouldn’t take long to erect it, and you won’t need any tools. Play tents are a separate prospect… You’ll get the pegs, poles and a full list of instructions, but you’ll need a mallet to secure the pegs in place.

  7. Where should I position my playhouse in the garden?

  8. First off, sunny spots aren’t a problem, as the fabric has anti-UV properties to protect your kids and the quality of the colour finish. Branches, thorns and vegetation, however, might pierce the sides of the playhouse, which are fairly thin. Since the largest playhouses are just over 1 and a half metres high, we recommend a minimum of 2 metres’ free space from the ground up, saving the items from tree or hedgerow damage.

Require more assistance?

The beauty of these pieces, is that they're made to complement the rest of your outdoor play. Make your garden greater than ever by calling our devilishly clever little garden gnomes on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us and tell us exactly what you want for your outdoor play den and we'll do the sourcing…

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