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Building a top-secret fort, running around with grass between their toes, staying out ‘til the sun sets with mud smears on their face; the garden is where children make some of their happiest memories.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 120 items

Outdoor Play


Whether they’re dry-kneed, grass-flecked or damp and muddy to the bone, kids can’t get enough of outdoor play tools! Here at Cuckooland, we’re never short of the cool stuff to make your child’s day a treat – just rummage around in our play chest, and wrap your hands on a gift that’s way too good to be chewed (err true)…

From super-sized game sets to buggies, Wendy houses and wigwams, your boy or girl will never be short of a centre point to the most fun in the sun. With a fine garden to dash around in, they’ll retreat to a playhouse with their pals, conquering the slide down to a swing set one-by-one! Your creativity is paramount: go for broke (figuratively speaking that is!) where you can, and make that outdoor space sizzle with energy and timeless appeal.

Outdoor Play FAQ's

Here are the Top 5 questions our customers ask us: 

  1. What ages are your trampolines and swings suitable for?

  2. The size of a trampoline will dictate who’s appropriate for it. Kids up to the age of nine should be fine with an 8ft or 10ft diameter; anyone over that (ten years+) will be better off with a 12ft trampoline, at the very least. For swings, we generally recommend no child under the age of three, or over eight should be using them on a regular basis. The benchmark may be higher, however, with some of our larger frames – refer to the individual product page to make sure. Also, remember you can lengthen or shorten the straps to get young children comfortable with them.

  3. Do your wooden playhouses arrive fully assembled?

  4. No, but they come with a full set of instructions! An extra pair of hands will be required to build the structure from its flat-packed state. The estimated time for this varies between three to six hours, relative to the complexity of the playhouse you’ve bought. Remember as well that we do offer a professional 2 man installation service should this be required- simply call our super friendly team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 and they'll make hay while the sun shines.

  5. How do I prepare a base for outdoor fabric play houses?

  6. We sell dedicated floor quilts that can weather moisture on your turf, designed for a quick and brisk clean. Our floor quilts come as a matching item to the fabric play tents too. For any item that’s out of proportion with the bases in our list, we recommend an outdoor rug or simply lay a picnic blanket down (or tarpaulin, for damp weather), topped with two or three pillows.

  7. Can I leave wigwams and play tents outside all-year round?

  8. No – it’s far better to take them indoors after use, conserving the softness and strength of the fabric. Leaving them out for a day or two in the spring/summer is okay, but you’ll risk a sheen of dew plastering to the material overnight. It only takes several minutes to get them erected and taken down, so you won’t have any problems in this regard.

  9. Is it easy to operate a go-kart?

  10. Yes, it certainly is, thanks to several built-in features! Some benefit from several gears, which can adjust to move up or down a surface with less effort. Others have stationary break systems. All of them are almost soundless, with very light wheels and a pedal system that’s independent of the steering.

Require more assistance?

For the finishing touches of play heaven, get some outdoor furniture for a sprawling rest at the end of the afternoon! When our devilishly clever little garden gnomes aren't riding their favourite unicorns they're pretty well trained in offering the best customer service and advise this side of the multi-coloured picket fence; simply call them on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email them to see what else they can bring to the garden party…

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