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Here at Cuckooland, we’re experts on home furniture and decor, and believe in helping you make your home your own unique space. However, nobody likes to live in an untidy house, so this section is devoted to the little things that help keep your house a home. Usually an afterthought in the interior design process, our quirky and interesting range makes choosing your methods of storage just as fun as decorating the rest of your home!

We have a wide selection of quirky and – sometimes borderline unusual! – wardrobes, shelves and coat racks; for the wannabe chef we even have very sophisticated fruit crates and vegetable drawers for the kitchen! For the cosmopolitan home, whether you’re an up-and-coming socialite or a philosophical yuppie (or a healthy combination of the two!), our collection caters to every aspect of your life; wine racks for easy party access, bookshelves for all your “How to...” books and coat racks to hang up your er... coats. Everything right down to quirky envelope-shaped letterboxes! We even have a nice collection of very city-chic bike holders for floppy-haired Mayors of London and contemporaries!

Live your very own episode of Come Dine With Me with our cool and original range of kitchen and dining room storage; store your fancy and exotic wines in one of our innovative wine racks; keep your fruits, vegetables and spices in our ever-so-sophisticated fruit and veg boxes, European market-style drawers for onions and potatoes, and of course, our very quirky Cuckooland versions of the old essentials; shelves, drawers and wall racks.

So help us help you keep your home orderly and check out our quirky and unique range of home storage items. Not only will our quirky and unique home storage items hold lots of other quirky and unique stuff, but they’re sure to fit nicely into the quirky and unusual home! (Or even the not-so-quirky-and-unusual ones, if that’s more to your taste!)

by Zebarella Cuckooland
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