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When considering interior design, we always consider the “traditional” rooms of the house; the kitchen, the living room, the dining room and the bedrooms. However, in the modern world, these “categories” are becoming more and more outdated, as increasingly artsy furniture continues to stretch the boundaries as to what furniture or what decor belongs in what rooms.

As so many children’s books and television shows have taught us – everybody is different; no two people are the same. Whether you’re the Hugh Hefner of Berkshire throwing wild, expensive parties in your own personal bar; a proud couch potato who might change up their routine by having a lie-down in the garden or lounging with a video game controller on a bean bag chair; or the humble freelancer, crying out for a more creative environment in which to work from your home office, everyone’s taste in furniture is likely to occasionally wander out of what’s traditional – whether you keep it a secret or not! And that’s where we come in...

At Cuckooland, we pride ourselves on being different, and that’s why we have an entire section dedicated to lifestyle furniture. Whether you’re a work-from-home yuppie, a barbeque god, or just a new-age couch potato, our quirky and sophisticated range is sure to have something unique for everyone, from all walks of life!

For the trendy, Google-esque office space, we have some modern, colourful swivel-chairs and some quirky bits of office furniture, and for the kitchen and living room we have everything from environmentally-friendly quirky coffee tables to beanbags – perfect for adding a dash of colour to the modern living space.

But our range isn’t just limited to the interior of your home - we believe in the British party spirit and have a wide range of outdoor furniture to cater to both garden parties – whether home or away – and for those who’d rather not stay at home! With everything from hammocks and hanging chairs to a fold-up loveseat that you can take anywhere with you, you’re sure to find some gifts and essential furniture for both cave-dwellers and field-frolickers!

So whether you’re mulling over your mood-board or searching tirelessly for a gift for the yuppie who has everything, have a quick flick through our online catalogue and something is bound to catch your eye! At Cuckooland, we’re second-to-none when it comes to considering individuals’ very unique tastes, so you’re sure to find something that’s tailored right to your tastes!

by Zebarella Cuckooland
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