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Here at Cuckooland, we believe that the dining room should be the pride of your home. It’s where the family all come together after a day of going their own way and leading their own, interesting lives; and the dining table is a place where you can exchange stories about your interesting lives. It’s where your friends will come to sit for a meal or a few beers before you go for a great day (or night) out. It’s a place where pets will come begging for food. It’s a place where stories are exchanged and memories are created.

The dining room – probably the most historically important room in anybody’s home. Dating all the way back to the Middle Ages when royalty and the aristocracy would entertain important guests and family members with a generous meal, the dining room is traditionally where everyone comes together to have a chat and get a little closer. A millennium later, and the modern dining room is just as important, and just as central to your home-life, so we believe it should be treated with the utmost respect!

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