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Is there any event more exciting than the arrival of your beautiful baby? That’s of course a rhetorical question! For the arrival of a new baby creates endless memories and infinite happiness. So as ‘parents to be’ nervously count down the days until baby arrives, all other thoughts turn to the enormous task of collecting the right accessories- it’s incredible to think that such a teeny tiny little person will require so much, but the tiring fact is they do.

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Showing 25 - 36 of 116 items

Cot and cotbed FAQ's


Anyone with a new arrival on the way can’t help but get giddy over choosing a cot. It’s the essential item to help a baby’s (and parents!) first few months to go smoothly and to be a little less stressful, so we understand you’ll be carefully assessing what’s best on the market for your little babe.

We’ve already published a guide to newborn sleep solutions, which has reams of info on whether to go for a crib, cradle or traditional cot design. If you remain a little stumped though, maybe we can assist by answering a few questions that tend to crop up from time to time about this vital purchase:

  1. How long will they last?

  2. Growing children tend to shoot up like beanstalks in front of our eyes, so preparing for rapid development is key to making your investment stretch out as long as possible. Whilst traditional cots are designed for tots up to 24 months, modern cot beds have flexible designs that allow you to tinker with the height and structure, to accommodate children up to 4 years – even beyond.

  3. When should my baby sleep alone?

  4. The perennial question. This can depend on how quickly he or she is settling down at night. Some babies take weeks, others months, others a year or more. To make the transition, our tip (as parents and humble self styled sleep experts) is to try to encourage your baby to take their afternoon nap in the nursery before leaving them alone for the whole night.

  5. What mattress do I need?

  6. We supply a fabulous selection of high quality cot mattresses to accompany our newborn sleep solutions, including 60 x 120 cm mattresses for cots and 70 x 140 cm designs for cot beds.

Require more assistance?

Here at Cuckooland we are all goo-goo about baby items, and we hand pick only the best quality cots and cribs for our little wonders. To ensure you aren’t missing a trick or two, have a peek at our nursery furniture, or call Nat, Anna, Kate or Sophie on +44 (0) 1305 231231 - they’ll be tickled pink (or neutral green) to talk you through things.

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