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From Furrow & Ploughing Tractor Windvanes to Mulching, Hedge Cutting & Harvest Tractor Weathervanes and more!
Agriculture & Tractor weathervanes

Tractors have always been a favourite amongst little boys, and if you were lucky enough to grow up near a farm this love may have continued into adulthood. If you’re a fan of all things agricultural, we have a weathervane for you. Our authentic range of Agricultural & Tractor Weathervanes are designed to bring the great outdoors to your home. These expertly crafted wind vanes have been designed to bring instantly recognisable farm machinery to the suburbs (or will act as a landmark for your farm!). Our wonderfully detailed weather vane selection comes from the weathervane specialists at The Profile Range; a company who have been designing and making weathervanes for decades. The Farm and Agriculture Weathervane collection includes designs such as the Workhouse Tractor, Harvest Tractor and popular Ploughman's design. All weather vanes are made using high quality machined elements, coated in High Density Polyethylene which ensures the weathervane will last a lifetime in ever changing weather conditions. You may also Click here to view our full weathervane collection .

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
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