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To have a peaceful nights sleep is considered by some as one of life’s precious little luxuries, but to have a peaceful nights sleep when tending to a new born is practically a miracle! Getting the little ones settled and tucked up in bed can seem like tackling Everest for some parents. So to aid this epic battle of wills, Cuckooland have sourced Nursery Bedding direct from cloud nine.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 60 items

Nursery Bedding FAQ's


Snuggling down in a warm, cosy bed never gets old, it brings about a deep breath and a soulful sigh every time; but it’s maybe the most special for teeny tiny tots and babies. One glance at a young child’s blissful face is enough to make us yearn for the comforts of a soft mattress, or a blanket that keeps us cocooned and toasty all night.

Cuckooland are all about providing the very best duvets, cot bed mattresses and bed throws for your little ones. So if you’re undecided about an item or debating about how a product will perform when your darling tot is in the throes of a dream, we’re on hand to help. Here’s a smattering of FAQs about Nursery Bedding to help with one of the most important Nursery purchases you'll be making:

  1. How much bedding should I use?

  2. This is very important, since very young children can be at risk of overheating without you realising it. A rule of thumb is to only dress their sleep area in a bedsheet if the temperature is above 21°. Otherwise use 1, 2 or 3 thin blanket layers for 21-18°, 18-15°, and 15° and below respectively.

  3. Why is cotton the best choice?

  4. Cotton has a great many natural properties that make it awesome for a baby’s sleep. These include its breathability, a light texture that doesn’t cause friction, and being totally free of allergens.

  5. When is a pillow suitable?

  6. Child sleep experts recommend that you steer clear of giving your child a pillow until he or she is a year old, to ensure little ones stay safe.

Require more assistance?

Now that you’ve deliberated over the basics, let Cuckooland provide some newborn sleep solutions (have a read of our helpful Blog post here) making those early nights a little easier. It’s a fantastic thing to be able to gaze at a mini-me in the deepness of a peaceful slumber.

Bedding is a key decision you’ll need to make pretty early into your second or third trimester. Being mostly parents ourselves and having gone through the beautifully weird and wonderful twists and turns of bringing a new life into the world, we feel we're well positioned to offer you the very best product advice out there. From our own personal experiences we've selected the most practical and long lasting of Nursery Room products (and we're all incredibly fussy!). So if you need help in getting you and your baba’s head down with minimal fuss, or even if you just need a sounding board or a chin wag, call our Nursery Dream Team (who are very much awake) on +44 (0) 1305 231 231.  

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