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Explore our Unique Collection of Animal Themed Weathervanes & Wrought Iron products.

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Bursting with 1000's of Wrought Iron Designs and Windvane Themes and we have the largest selection of Weathervanes in the UK!


Each Weathervane at Cuckooland is handmade in Britain with real British Steel, each part is machined and individually balanced and coated in High Density Polyethylene, making them incredibly accurate and durable! “How to fit a weathervane” installation instructions are included in every pack.

Every kind of Weathervane you could possibly dream up is available at if you can dream it up, we can make it. So, if you don't see what you're looking for or if you would like a variation of any of our designs, call our team on 01305 231 231 and we'll make a plan (or in this case a Weathervane). You can also click here to view our complete guide to weathervanes.

  • dog weathervanes a-e

    Dog Weathervanes A-E

  • dog weathervanes f-o

    Dog Weathervanes F-O

  • dog weathervanes P-Z

    Dog Weathervanes P-Z

  • cat weathervane

    Cat Weathervanes

  • horse weathervanes

    Horse Weathervanes

  • bird weathervanes

    Bird Weathervanes

  • wildlife weathervanes

    Wildlife Weathervanes

  • farm animal weathervaes

    Farm Animal Weathervanes

  • tractors and agriculture weathervanes

    Tractors & Agriculture

  • sports weathervanes

    Sports & Hobbies Weathervanes

  • boat and car weathervanes

    Boats, Cars, Trains & Planes

  • copper 3d weathervanes

    Copper 3D Weathervanes

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Showing 37 - 48 of 239 items
Showing 37 - 48 of 239 items

Weathervanes - so much more than just Wind vanes!


Interesting facts about Weathervanes (Did you know?)

We stock the largest collection of Weathervanes in the UK! 100's of Unique & Bespoke Designs available.

Fact 1: "Weathervane" is also slang for someone (usually a politician) who has a frequent change of opinion! The use of this slang term is actually banned in certain parts of Canada!
Fact 2: Weather vanes are usually more decorative than functional; often chosen by architects and designers as an architectural ornament for the highest point of a building.
Fact 3: The Cockerel Weathervane design (usually with letters indicating the points of a compass) is the world's most popular Wind vane. Thats because Weathervanes date back centuries and one theory is that Pope Gregory 1 said that the cockerel was the emblem of St Peter; the most suitable emblem of Christianity - not surprising then that the Rooster Weathervane began to appear on most church steeples!
Fact 4: "Vane" comes from the word "fana" which is Old English for "flag".

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