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When it comes to creating the perfect nursery we want only the best for our teeny tiny tots. For that very first bedroom, we want nursery furniture which is as beautiful as it is functional. Thanks to the East Coast Nursery brand you can have it all with their 'baby' range of masterfully crafted cots and nursery furniture.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 26 items

East Coast Nursery FAQ's


Planning for your newborn affects almost every waking hour in the run-up to their grand entrance. You’ll be nervous yet joyously happy, wanting the very best for your son or daughter as you welcome them into the world. Cuckooland loves helping parents out during this special period, and East Coast Nursery offer some of the highest standards of kit to prepare for what’s to come.

We’ve already prepared a handy guide to creating the ideal nursery, which is essential reading for soon-to-be parents. Over the years, Cuckooland has come to know the East Coast Nursery collection very well, so if you have any questions about their furniture, let us put them to bed:

  1. When should my child transition out of a cot?

  2. That depends on how fast your baby grows, but general consensus and common knowledge dictates anywhere between 18 months-3 years, or basically when cot barriers become a hindrance. Conveniently, East Coast are very fond of multi-function cot beds that can grow with your baby and be converted into the perfect size for a toddler when the time is right.

  3. Will a changing table have everything within reach?

  4. Yes, they are designed to be a quick and intuitive changing solution. Dimensions allow for plenty of clothes, bottles and nappies to be stored underneath (or in compartments on top), easily accessible when you’re pressed for time.

  5. Do toddler and cot beds come with a mattress?

  6. Most don’t, but East Coast Nursery have a couple of quality mattress designs to accompany their cots and toddler beds. Take a peek at the mattress product pages for details on height, width and materials. Or simply call our Nursery Dream-team below for Cot and Mattress advise. 

Require more assistance?

Now that these pointers have answered a few questions and conformed East Coast’s persistent awesomeness, you can look forward to building a haven of calm for your bundle of love to wake up to every day (and night!).

Follow our 7 steps to a nurturing nursery and you’ll have a slew of ideas to play with; for more tips and advice, call Kate, Anna, Nat, Sophie or Kate on +44 (0) 1305 231 231, Mon-Fr, 9am-6pm and they’ll be over the moon to guide you through a Nursery furnishing wonderland.

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