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Swiss voice retro phones

When it comes to kooky, unique, and creative, Swiss Voice have it all. The Swiss Voice brand has been around since 1893 and has surfed the waves of the technological revolution with style and flare. Noted as one of the leading companies in communications for the home, Swiss Voice use three key components to create the best in home phones; Innovation, design, and technology. Awarded the Design for Asia Award 2010 in recognition for its outstanding design, one of the best selling telephones to come from this innovative Swiss brand is the ePure. The ePure combines a unique neo-retro design (click here to view our full retro phone collection) with indispensable technology. However if you’re a little on the techno-phobic side, the ePure is simply a work of art to behold. Cuckooland love the quintessential nature of the ePure telephone and believe our customers love the retro/futuristic mash up of style and design.

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