Nordic Grip Non-Slip Boots by Unikia

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Unikia are a leading brand in fall prevention technology. This innovative Norwegian design group have invested time and resources in developing the most practical footwear for treacherous conditions. Unikia, with their creation of the Nordic Grips, are serious in their quest to help people stay on their feet when facing day to day conditions including ice, snow, and wet surfaces. With an extensive catalogue that uses revolutionary technology to prevent trips and falls in both outdoor and indoor settings, Nordic Grips can be applied to both walking and running. Functionality features high up on the Nordic Grips list of needs and so the practically designed footwear can be used in many different situations. Of particular note are their ‘Nordic Grip Wets’; Nordic Wet boots featuring Non Slip IceLock Technology for complete fall prevention on slippery surfaces. What’s more, the Nordic Wets are available in a range of fashion-forward colours to keep you bang on trend too. So keep your feet dry, comfy and upright this winter with a pair of Nordic Wet Boots.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
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