Luxury Phone Charging Wallet by Seyvr

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The Seyvr Phone Charging Wallet is sold exclusively at! Visit our Seyvr Product Pages now for regular Promotions. Have you ever left the house and not realised you haven't charged your phone? Maybe your phone often runs out of battery when you're out and about or on the go? The Seyvr chargeable wallet is here to rescue you! Its a sleek, slim and stylish leather wallet for men with a build in phone charger. Charge your mobile phone anytime you need it. The cable needed to charge your phone is fully integrated neatly in the designer wallet itself. The battery in the wallet can be recharged in 2.5hrs using the supplied USB cable. The luxury leather wallet can store 6 cards and also has a clip for cash & receipts. A perfect gift for men of all ages.
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
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