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Weltevree is a Dutch product label founded in 2007 by designers Floris Schoonderbeek and Dick van Hoff. Their famous Dutchtub® has won numerous international awards and is fast becoming an iconic design piece in Europe. Each tub is hand made in Holland and has a one off, unique tub number! Easy to assemble, with a turbo-valve for a quick start, its also easy to clean, lightweight and incredibly safe. Spotted strapped to the roofs of cars across Europe- yes, you read this correctly; we assume that due to its fantabulousness and portability many families just never leave home without it! What's more, there's even a little outlet in the base for a hose to be attached so you can reuse the water! Our clever friends at Weltevree have this to say: 'Weltevree would like to contribute to a sustainable, social and inspiring community by developing inspirational and environmentally friendly products.' Designers that are eccentric, yet practical and conscientious - instantly a hit here at Cuckooland.
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