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Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items

4 Seasons Outdoor


The new 4 Seasons Outdoor collection has arrived! And they're making quite an entrance by bagging some coveted press (and great reviews) along the way before they pull up an esteemed seat amongst your garden décor, granting social and family-time comfort that you’ll be proud to display on your patio or in your garden…

And they've won a whole host of awards since the Millennium too. Never ones to rest on their laurels, they just keep getting better, with garden furniture sets that do much more than weather a dash of rain! Take a look for yourself: in this range, you’ll find lush corner sofas, thick three-seaters, and chair arrangements that all angle towards a practical yet timeless style.

But what is that style, you ask? It crosses naturalistic palettes like teak and woven rattan, backed by aluminium framework for extra strength - all manufactured to exacting standards. 4 Seasons are true to their name – you can enjoy these items throughout the year, year after year, regardless of the season!

4 Seasons Outdoor FAQ's

Here are the Top 5 questions our customers ask us: 

  1. Really? I can use 4 Seasons Outdoor furniture all year round?

  2. For the body of the seating itself, yes you can. The cushions, however, are a slightly different matter. Although they’ve been crafted to resist mould and moisture, we recommend you take them inside when you're not using them for a prolonged period. It’ll maintain the fabric’s pliancy and colour finish, which can be hampered by sustained exposure to frost, heavy rain and sun.

  3. How do I care for 4 Seasons Outdoor furniture?

  4. The rattan models on offer are of the synthetic variety – as such, they only require a brisk wipe down with a damp cloth every few weeks, to rid speckles of dirt and garden debris. For teak furniture, mix a cup of vinegar and a gallon of warm water, then apply the solution with a sponge. To prolong the appearance of the teak, you can oil every few months, although some customers prefer the ‘weathered’ effect of un-oiled wood.

  5. Do 4 Seasons Outdoor have a guarantee in place?

  6. They do indeed – at least three years, as it happens, rising to five for some items. Check each product page for the correct warranty information.

  7. Can I mix and match 4 Seasons Outdoor sofa sets?

  8. Cuckooland gives you unbridled opportunity to select the exact garden sofa layout you want. Various components are available, such as footstools, armchairs, corner units and same-style coffee tables. We have these extras planted on the right half of our pages, if they’re applicable to the product, with a mini view of what they look like.

  9. Am I able to purchase full installation for my furniture?

  10. In the majority of cases, your 4 Seasons purchase will arrive fully assembled and as advertised, and you’ll simply have to bring it into your garden area. We do, for select models, offer an installation service for £200 – this is applicable to our bulkier purchases, like the Lisboa and Largo furniture packages. It includes the clearing of any wrapping too.

Require more assistance?

So there we have it: a bountiful stash of beauties, all designed exclusively for your bum’s pleasure! Complement this brand with hanging chairs and hammocks for another (entirely literal) level of fashion on your doorstep. Oh, and call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us if you need any help at all - our devilishly clever little garden gnomes have never knowingly charged for advise.

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